In 1998, this company was formed by Jim Atkinson and it was called "JEA Graphics". Mr Atkinson passed away in October 2013. The company changed ownership and was sold to Lori Casto, that was the office manager for JEA Graphics and is now the current owner. At this time, the company was re-named to "Alabama Industrial Screenprinting". We perform professional industrial silk screen printing for various individual companies and contracts for the US Government and the branches of service such as the US Army.

We also specialize in the Photo Metal name plates printing process and Reverse Etch printing for the US Government for identification lables of equipment and vehicles.

AIS also performes a full line of decals and graphics for taxi cabs, ambulances, and police cruisers. We specialize in the use of heavy duty vinyl or safety reflective vinyl.

Please check out the photos in the gallery for the complete line of services we perform.

We strive to produce a top quality product, as quality is number 1 here, or it doesn't go out the door. We are working on obtaining an ISO 9001-2015 certification to further express our total committment to producing a quality product.